The time is getting short.


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What do you have left to do?

Myself, I have to:
1. Get the t-case skid under the Jeep again.
2. Change oils.
3. Remount the laptop brackets, and mount the camera to the skid underneath.
4. Finish the last line going to the "air box"
5. And clean it out, there is still trash from last years COfest rolling around on the rear floorboards.
6. Get the unibody tie-ins on the front bumper, and run the winch power cables.
7. Install the XM. I'll be broadcasting alt. rock (Lucy) for those close enough to receive the signal.:dunno:
8. I'm sure there's more, but that's the big stuff.


Oh yea, 9. I need to buy a tent......


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Put it back together

Bleed the brakes (New booster and M/C from 2000 WJ)

Change fluids in the diffs and allot of other small stuff.

And figure out how to get the brake lights switch working.


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Have to finish installing the D44's and get the gears broke in. Trying to do that by this weekend so I can run Independence 7/29/06.

Install my CB

Get an aux. fan wired up.

Think that's all.

Looking forward to a great week.


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Mount my stiffeners and tie them to the rockers.
Build and mount some fenders with Matt.
Change the oil and off I go :guitar:


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Weld on the front control arm skids, Weld new mounts on the rock rails were I cut them off to get the drop brackets on (a year ago), Weld up the tube to the center section on the 8.8. Modify the front bump stops, install the new front shocks and turn up the ACOS another 1/2 inch. If that gets done I might get back to putting TJ flares on. I might even get the third one on since it's been a 6 month project.


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Last year I didn't make it because my rig was in pieces but this year I'm ready to go. The only thing I could pay a little attention to is the trailer but it's not necessary.



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I need to finish my front bumper. If I have time I am going to put my rear shocks through the floor. That and an oil change and I should be good to go.