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Buy a:
Johny Joints
GenRight Bridge
Brake line
Fuel Cell
Air Shocks
Front and Rear Drive Shafts
3.73 HP30 gears
1/4 plate for skid
Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC type)
First Aid Kit

Install rear 4 link with 8.8 and air shocks.
Move fuel tank or install fuel cell.
Install front gears to match rear.
Get new front drive shaft made to accomodate front stretch. +3
Get rear drive shaft lenghten to match rear stretch. +5
Build transfer and oil pan skid.

Dream list:
Front bumper
Rear bumper

Lets get a list going and remember THE PARTS GUY has the best prices and last I checked helped members work on there rigs. I would like to know what kinda deal he has for us between now and then.


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A. Get Avery to finish some crap on my rig.
2. Finish the rest of the crap on my rig.
c. Test run locally.
IV. Fix the crap I find wrong on my test run.
5. Load truck, hitch trailer, load jeep on trailer.
F. Drive.
vii. Enjoy.
8. Repeat as soon as possible


Sarge <3 Ben
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This is gonna be a close one. Avery should have my rails, skids, and front driveline in by the 4th. That leaves me to swap oil pans, change out a windshield, and a rear window, install the camper shell, and what not by the trip. And I work 60+ per week. Hope I make it.


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Want to install a t-case skid, chop the front fenders and add coil spacers to make up for my heavy front bumper and sagging springs.

If I have time I will try to figure out where my mystery noise is coming from up front. Hopefully nothing serious.


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still to do-

fine tune new lift (lots of rubbin goin on lol)
replace idler pully, various rod ends
pull and scrub down throttle body
and a list of other crap that needs a winning powerball number Hasta
see ya'll there


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rock sliders
shifters for extra tcase
clearanced oil pan and pick up for diff/driveshaft

Needs to be done....
Install Oil pan and pickup
Install front driveshaft
Fab rear shock mounts and install shocks
Run cables for lockers
Install CB radio
Install CD radio ;)
Paint Camper shell and install


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Got a trailer... Now I need to get some trailer brakes and fix trailer wiring
Lol we are on the same path....

Check here for brakes, cheapest I could find for 10" at $59 for a pair:

They sell the other sizes and drums too if you need them. Doesn't make much sense to just replace shoes and magnets when you can get the whole loaded backing plate for less $$. I pulled mine apart last weekend and needed a couple. Luckily the drums, bearings, etc, were all good shape.

I replaced the wiring plug to a 7 way so I don't have to use an adapter on the truck and added a constant hot feed for a breakaway battery charger.

Next up is welding on some D rings for strap anchor points.


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Crap. Just found out im looking for a trailer too. The one I normally borrow is being redecked and won't be done in time. :(