Things I learned at NACFEST...


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1. I still stand by my comment, if Chuck comes to your event, you know he was there.

2. My raffle luck is back.

3. In all the years of events I’ve been at and helped plan, all the winches and napier flares, I’ve never won either, until now.

4. Any event I run a trail w/ Rob, he’s gonna hang on my winch at some point.

5. I know now why Rob wears a hat most of the time.

6. V10s love to Rev and get 6 mpg.

7. My Jeep gets 7 mpg combined with trail hwy.

8. There’s never enough fire wood.

9. Until it’s dirty and wet, then there’s too much fire wood.

10. Campground restaurants serve good food, if you can get food.

11. Stephan will push the tech rules, til over ruled by the venue.

12. “Get off my lawn!” May be a new NACfest theme.

13. A Red, White, and Blue XJ has followed me to the last three NAXJA events.

14. 10 hrs in the RV with the kids has me rethinking a trip to Mt Rushmore next year.

15. My son likes wheeling more than my daughter.

mac ‘what did you learn?’ gyvr

Rob Mayercik

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4. Any event I run a trail w/ Rob, he’s gonna hang on my winch at some point.
LOL, that does seem to be turning into a tradition with us(though at least this time your winch didn't blow up pulling me out). Maybe next time I should have you pull line on me in the parking lot in the morning, just so I can get it out of the way before we hit the trails...

5. I know now why Rob wears a hat most of the time.
Yeah, Rausch has gotten more sunny over the years, having been logged occasionally, and this was one of the warmer weekends we've had recently.

Of course, the hat also gives me a place to hang the dryer sheets to help with the bugs...

Anyway, here's my thoughts so far:

1. Considering my CB acted up again, it got me to thinking that I need to grab one of those FRS-type radios while I still can, now that I've seen one first-hand. Still going to try and get the CB to behave, though, seems like I have a cable issue so I should be able to do something about that.

2. I really need to stay out of water unless I'm sure how deep it is. Yes, I know I've been saying that for a bit, but there it is.

3. The "Jeep Badge of Honor" app added a little extra fun to the weekend. Maybe one of these days I'll get to some of the other trails in their database or more near here will pop up...


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1) Any were I go in this country NAXJA folks are cool.

2) I prolly should have installed rocker sliders.

3) I really like meeting new people and telling stories( this I kinda already

4) Most camping people are cool, but as in any large group there are some
not cool ones. "Get Off My Yard". True story, you don't own that, God,
owns it. (mini rant).


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I learned that

1. Just because you've been going somewhere for 12 years doesn't mean you know what their rules are.

2. 30 year old tires + 70 year old brakes = 360s on wet pavement.

3. Kids love old Jeep's.


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I learned that:
1. Running an event the right way means not expecting one moments peace after the first person shows up.
(An observation, not a gripe, I'm exhausted, yet thrilled).
2. Clayton parts are not exactly indestructible if you allow yourself to ignore them for too long.
3. I wouldn't trade this group for any other, period, full stop. Hands down the best collection of people that actually fit the classic definition of Friends that one could have. It was a stretch for many to actually make it out this year, and the dedication award should rightly go to each and every person who made it.
I'm thrilled to be a part of it, happy to work it, glad to see it all come together, and humbled by the willingness of friends to jump in and help.
Thank you all!


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I learned that:

1. Wheeling is definitely still fun on 1 hours sleep, just don't be the driver.
2. When riding in a jeep without doors, you will get wet when it rains.
3. Even if you don't bring a jeep to the event, you can still break your vehicle (battery went on the Subaru in the Rausch parking lot).
4. NAXJA events have the best people. Both old friends and new ones always make NACFest a great event.