Things to do before the Crawl.....


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after my DT trip...

Fix/replace windshield: Done!
Rear Bar tubes: Done!
Repair Fuel Pump Ground: Done!
Taillights/fix headlight switch: Done!
fix rock lights on front: Done!
fire extinguishers: Done!
tool storage tie downs: Done!
Mount spare driveshaft's: Done!
New tie rod: Done!
35 spline stubs and flanges: $$$ Says on hold....
tune up, fuel filter: Done!
air filter: Done!
address noise under hood, suspect e fan It went away..... Done!
maybe move power steering cooler to the rear cage:
steering column:
Fix breaking leaf spring mounts Done!
Relocate Battery to rear: Done!
On board air: Done!

I also found my Track bar Heims sloppy and replaced them. Just towed it up town to wash it good and see how the new fenders are working. I think I only have one or two things that have come up I want to address if I have time. build a door to cover where I keep all my straps and stuff and install some sort of rear view mirror.


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  • Crawl bound . . . soon…
  • Upper and lower radiator hoses changed
  • New Radiator
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat and housing
  • Electric fan
  • Head Gasket
  • Exhaust manifold
  • Clean and minor porting of the intake manifold
  • New plugs, wires, cap, rotor
  • Steering Damper replaced
  • Rear brakes fixed
  • Head lights replaced
  • LED Lights added
  • Oil flushed and changed (Now the idiot light comes on when hot at idle) No difference in the running
  • A/C working well in the chill zone after some searching on NAXJA. Hint: Do not trust the “Can Gauge”
  • Adjustable Tie Rod, adjusted correctly.
  • Cleaned out all the getting ready junk
  • Dash short fixed. Simply cleaned with contact cleaner and added bulb grease
  • Tools –ready
  • Cooler-ready
  • Folding chairs-ready
  • Snake hook-ready
  • Camera-ready
  • Fingers crossed
  • Standing by….. Maiden voyage


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Well...made it to Harlan. Broke something already.

So I guess I still need to fix stuff before the crawl!!

I'd rather have it broken here than just being yard art at home though :D


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New radiator and head gasket have appeared to fix the highway overheating problem.

She tried to kill me on the test drive.

Tightened both front hubs, retorqued the drag link bolts at the knuckle and the pitman arm, reinstalled the winch and all the lights, routed all the power wires back to the battery. The new battery box is going to need some fabrication, so it's in there and secured temporarily.

The passenger side front caliper is stuck and dragging the rotor, so I'm picking up two new front calipers and pads on the way home.

The headlights don't come on, I think I forgot to plug something in when I put the header panel back on, so I should probably look at that. It's summer though, so I won't be driving in the dark much.

And I have to replace the turbo tonight on the truck or there won't be a tow rig on Thursday.


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Dad is out of the hospital yesterday.

Picked up the rehashed EX driveshaft so I don't have to tow in front wheel drive.

Hoping to start a check of the Jeep tonight.

Haven't even looked at the trailer yet.

And my yard needs cleaned up after a giant storm rolled through on Saturday morning.

mac 'took Wed off to hopefully get everything ready' gyvr


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I'm done!

Weighed the truck trailer with jeep fully loaded for Harlan on the way to Deanna's tonight.



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If it isn't done...we will have to fix there...

mac 'see ya tomorrow...if all goes as planned' gyvr


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Mac has a fancy LJ.

Picking the Jeep up tomorrow at 7:30. Need to bring it home and put a radiator in it and give it a good test drive, load the truck/ trailer, pack clothes and food and I'll be heading that way as soon as I get off work on Friday morning at 12AM.