Throttle Valve Cable (Kickdown Cable)


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Long story, short. Anyone change one? How to change the tranny end? 1999 xj, 4.0, AW4

** Long story. About 8 months ago my throttle seized up and wouldn't move. I found a worn spot in my TVC, so I disconnected it to see what would happen. Now I have throttle again, but it doesn't shift out of OD on hills at highway speed. No problem I can just manually shift it out of OD on grades. I swapped my 31" tires for some 33" tires. Now at a constant speed of around 35 MPH to 45 MPH (city driving) it wants to constantly shift between 2nd and 3rd. I cut the cable below the worn spot and have free movement at the transmission. I have a new cable, but not sure about how to change the tranny end. It is connected inside the transmission. I see what looks like a circle inspection plate, held in with a snap ring. My main worry is if I remove this plate, will a bunch of little springs and such come out. I really don't wanna have to drop the pan and/or play with small tranny parts. I can always just shift to 2nd gear for in town driving. Still I would like to make this right. TIA
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