thx...had a great time!


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Although it wasn't a large group, it was a kick-ass group! Had a great time and gathered some motivation. It was great seeing you all again and hopefully next time my jeep will be able to see you too! Hope you all made it home with no problems. Yall are the BEST!!


Gone but not forgotten...
I too had a great time...

Thanks to Andy for the lift Friday.

Thanks to Kevin, Dale and the whole pit crew for the help on Saturday.
FYI that maypop rode fine... no better or no worse than the cut one.

Also thanks to TJ Rick for the Mother Of All Tugs on trail 4... after a few useless baby-pulls...the dude took a 25 foot running start and yanked my junk into 2005. I felt my eyeballs hit the back of my skull :viking:

Thanks to all who came out to play!

I had a LOT of fun!!!



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Flat towed XJ up and back no trouble, glad to see all that showed up, had a blast on Lower 2 sat. Hope everybody makes it home safe, glad to Woody made it home on the tire pile tire.