Tj Rubicon or jk


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Hi I have found 2 jeeps for sale 1 is a 2005 TJ Rubicon on long arms and 35 inch tires 4.0l and a 6 speed manual the second is a jk 2012 on short an and 37 inch tires it has the 3.6 and an auto Trans the Tj has 37.000 less miles I'm wondering witch you would buy. Thanks for the help.


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TJ, my wife has an 03 Rubicon that's been going strong since new.
4.0 was a great engine. I have 460k on my 99 xj.


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+1 on the TJ because of the 4.0L.

I have friends who just replaced their JKU because of engine issues that no one seems to be able to resolve. Worst of all, they now have a Taco.


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Definitely the TJ..... My uncle has a blown up 3.8 jk so not really relevant, but my xj has over 400k on the stock 4.0

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