TJ Transfer Case Needed New/Reman or Used


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Hi folks, I'm in search of a reputable vendor online who can sell me a new/reman transfer case for my 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0L PowerTech I6 Automatic Transmission. I tried two websites online and one bait and switched pricing last minute and the other seems to suffer from the same problem (with their online reviews). The part went from $672 to more than $1500. MopartPartsOverStock and JeepareUs were a headache. Anyone online to recommend or even a vendor here through NAXJA? Even a good solid re-manufactured part would work great. Definitely not looking to spend $1500 but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations. Thanks!


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If you were on the west coast I'd recommend Inland Jeep, but I can't see it cost effective to ship across the country. If you want a used one, not reman try looks like there quite a few for 250-400 bucks. If you need to add a sye, get a chain, shift pads and or bearings and seals kit to freshen it up.


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Thats a great question. If it was me, I would rebuild my case if possible, if not check the local junk yards for one.

Occasionally I see the rubicon 231s with the 4:1 low range pop up on sale sites.

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Shouidn't a 1998 TJ non-Rubcon be the same 231 as an XJ? The tailshaft may be different, but using an SYE should eliminate that issue.

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