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Little more than a month away. Seen a lot of #moabprep, so what is left to do? Luckily most of mine are wants, not needs.

-4x6 rocker steel (a want not a trip stopper)
-New bushings in front end(again not a stopper)

Tow truck:
-New steer tires(gotta happen)
-Decent stereo(want)
-Spare rim(be nice but it is a dually so a spare ummounted tire works)

-Replace worn out suspension parts(Need)
-Brakes on second axle(sure be nice in the mountains, but not a trip stopper)

This is how it is coming to Moab:

So any one else need to do stuff?
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Been slowly knocking out Moab prep. Have it down to a pretty manageable list.

Install armor and build tube fenders. Maybe some more tube work on the cage if I run out of stuff to do.

Tow Rig:
Dual battery setup, and running power to the cap to make living out of the back more enjoyable.

Need to rewire/replace the breakaway system.

Other than a few trips around town this will be the first trip for the trailer.
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Install PS roll cage and harnesses.

Weld on new LCA brackets and install new control arms.

Install New brake lines

Finish body lift and Install tummy tuck, with engine lift.

Install new gas tank skid plate.

Fab and install RS steering.

Fix axle seal leak.

Install bed rug kit.

Wire up new 12V accessories plug.

Figure out better tool / supplies storage for the trail.

Hopefully that's all but sho knows with me.

install deck on the neck,

figure out why brakes dont work on a 2 week old

get atleast one if not two spares.

Order stake pocket D-rings and stake pocket spare tire holders.

Possibly install some trailer work lights if I have time.

Should be about it.

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Install front locker/alloy shafts

DONE------Install ruffstuff 3/4 hiem steering

DONE------Install 12v accessories plug

Locate some d35 shafts for spares. I'm surprised how hard they are to come by.

Maybe tie my muffler up so my manifold doesn't crack.


maybe Install my viar compressor I bought 9 years ago and never did anything with.
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Finish putting motor back together
Smog the Jeep
Install Coolant filter
Get AC re-charged
Front and rear bumpers
Re-drill tire carrier for 5x4.5
Install new steering
Aux Fan override switch
Install ZJ gas tank and Gas tank skid
Swap in 231 with SYE / Buy New rear driveshaft
Install t-case skid
Finish front removable door hinges install
Install front locker
Install and wire up rock lights (want)


Pick it up from JohnnyWalker
Install fender
Make sure brake lights work


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Want to do:
Paint camper shell.
Paint trailer.
Install onboard air.
Find & fix front end clunk.
Adjust trailer brakes.

Have to do:
Replace front axle seals.
Replace front pinion seal.
Install new front brake lines.



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Lets see...

The Jeep doesn't need much. I think I have a small leak at the power steering return line. And if I have to be running CB I need to put together a CB radio/antenna and mounts and wiring for both.

I would like to get rock rails on the Jeep, but that isn't likely to happen.

The trailer doesn't need much either. I just need to get the new license plate installed on it, and perhaps build another bunk.

The tow vehicle definitely needs a new driver's door latch. That little component decided to give up the ghost three days ago. And the rear tires are looking pretty worn out.

It would be nice to replace the leaking freeze plug, but I have been nursing it along for the last several thousand miles, it can probably do a another couple thousand.

And then there is the question of building a custom fire pit. I have a base from which to work and a rough idea of what I want to do. I just need to get all the pieces together and work on it.


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1.Install hybrid half-cage for me and the wife - nearly completed..DONE!!
2. Thoroughly inspect and replace brakes on all four corners with new rear axle seals-have all parts ...DONE!
3. Drop trailer off at the dealer for good going over- scheduled this week....DONE!
4. Get oil changed on tow rig and have a coolant leak near the egr coolers checked out. Ugh..pending.kinda critical.
Pack and go!
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Replace electric fan controller (need)
Replace left rear brake backing plate (need)
Mount fire extinguishers (need)
Replace door weatherstripping (want)
Install wing vent windows (want)
Weld on door reinforcements (sort of need)
Replace door checks (I suspect need)
Replace factory water temp sensor (want)
Replace blower motor resistor (need)
Replace front coil springs (need)
Paint Interior roll cage (want)
Get CB working (need)
Get Ham radio installed (want)

Right, it's not all going to get done. I have 6 days to get it all done, assuming I have all the parts.

David Bricker / SYR


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It's easier to post a pic at this point...

mac 'ugh' gyvr


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That looks like a bunch of late nights. Probably early mornings too.

I hope your neighbors aren't too close.
not real close

oh and garage a/c is winning...

mac '90 degrees outside' gyvr


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Since I upgraded to 35" tires from 33s, the back tires rub against the bumper, which wraps around the sides and covers the lower quarter panels on the fenders. So I was going to modify the bumper, which would also require doing a cut-and-fold on the fenders in order to get enough clearance. But at this point, I'm thinking I may just fab up some spacers to go between the bumpstops and the frame rails and call it good enough. Probably not the right approach, but it'll be a lot easier and quicker and should work as a temporary measure.


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I started packing today. Left about 230 bux at harbor freight. I printed off xjtrailriders list from another thread. I got just about everything. Still need a few odds and end tools and order some spare parts off amazon.


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I started packing today. Left about 230 bux at harbor freight. I printed off xjtrailriders list from another thread. I got just about everything. Still need a few odds and end tools and order some spare parts off amazon.
Mind posting up that list.. I'd be interested to see it and compare to what I think I need. I'm sure I'm missing some thing.

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