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hey is there an official list for trails??? i have been trying to find one for a bit and cant seem to find one.

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I have a great book for almost all the trails in SoCal. I bought it at Barns and Noble a long time ago but they still have it. I'll post up the title of it in as soon as I get the chance


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We don't have a pre-prepared database here. ONe day I'd like to compile a personal list but I've never quite gotten around to it.

What area are you looking to go play in and what level of difficulty are you interested in?


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Completely stocked from spare hubs, power steering pump, axle shafts, driveline, sensors, belt, and a lot more lol. I like to be prepared.

well im looking for something a little more challenging than what i have been on. Im finally locked front and rear and all the trails i have been on, you dont need front and rear lockers. I have been looking at isham canyon and want to run it. so something similar to that. I have been on our local trail(not much of a rock trail), Last chance, Nightmare, Calico, Hungry Valley area, and some washes that i drove down in the el paso range.

So basically im wanting to go the next step up. I know about the hammers but i am rarely able to go that far. Heck ive been to calico once. I have seen the trails up above fresno and want to run those just havent had the chance yet. Figured id check those out this summer. I typically go to the desert during the winter time and mountains during the warmer months.

I like the desert trails a lot more than mountains. Figure the area from ridgecrest to victorville are and west of there is where im mainly looking for more trails in the area.


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For you AJ, I would recommend anything East of the 395, between Bishop and Barstow and focus on the Panamint valley. There's tooonnns of trails / ghost towns / mines in this area and gives you more of the desert trails than mountain trails to play on.


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ya i have looked into those a bit and plan on heading out there soon. What type of trails are all out there? Most i have seen are basic trails (although there are a lot of areas to explore out there as well.