Transmission cooler fitting sizes


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Can anyone tell me what the fitting sizes for the cooler lines at the transmission and an OE radiator? I need to replace both lines and want to use the push lock stuff from Jegs so I can tie in my extra cooler easier.


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There used to be a thread floating around here about this. I think the ones at the tranny were 14x1.5 o ring fittings, but that's all I remember.


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If it's the stock rad, the top is 5/8" thread inverted flare (memory is hazy on the exact size here), the lower was soldered on mine. Found the adapter on the shelf of fluid fittings at the auto parts store by simply matching it up.
My replacement Spectre Premiums both had the inverted flare fittings. Swapped them for a JIC (AN) conversion fitting and did all my plumbing with -6AN fittings (aka 3/8" JIC).
Haven't plumbed back to the trans yet (it's on the list) but they are as mentioned above M14x1.5 Orb fittings. You can either pull and tap the stock QD fittings to 3/8"NPT or buy the adapter fitting to -6AN (3/8"JIC). All the stock lines are 3/8" lines.
Be warned, the lower fitting may need some sheet metal massaging to swap out, it's pretty tight in there.

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