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1988 MJ 6cyl 5-spd 2wd & 1988 XJ 6cyl auto 4wd

Both need work.
MJ has a by-passed heater core and noisy trans in 4th gear. Recently lost oil pressure because it sat in the driveway for about 14 months. I tried to manually prime pump with no luck. Ran the engine to move MJ into garage, less than 50 feet. Removed oil pan bolts but previous owner used excessive amounts of sealer and I am not fighting the pan. Registered until sept 30, 2018.

Tires are good. Interior has usual wear & tear with the headliner missing.

1988 XJ 6cyl auto 4WD.
This thing went to Moab Fall Fling a few times. Right now non-op for 4 years. The throttle body corroded from rain dripping in through the LeBaron hood vents. Needs a little cooling system work as the overflow tank went into the MJ. Dash is apart as wanted the gauges in the MJ. The dash had a wiring problem also, I have an unmolested wiring harness on the shelf. The tires are good take-offs from wranglers. There are five (matching spare). Front bumper is a JCR with a warn winch. The gears are still 3.55 but the rear axle is a D44 with factory limited slip. The seats are racing type but the passenger one has a stain wear a newspaper sat for about a year. I have a dual diaphragm brake booster on the shelf also.

Parts to go along with this package deal:
Besides the wiring harness & brake booster already mentioned. There is also a Chrysler 8.25 axle, Yukon 4.10 gears, motor mounts, aurora back up lamp set-up, stock suspension and some mounted stock rollers and unmounted wheels & tires. There are other parts I haven't inventoried. If you purchase you can raid the parts shelf for stuff I haven't mentioned.

I am not out of the XJs, keeping my 2000XJ daily driver. It's just that my broken down body can't seem to get in and out or under and back up anymore to work on these. My Dad gave me his Chevy pick-up and that's why the MJ sat for so long.

Selling as a package, both need to be towed away. I hate to see an MJ go to pick-n-pull or to be crushed.

Asking $2,000 for all of it. I know timing is bad as everyone is getting ready for fall fling but it is depressing seeing them here sitting.

Photos will be posted in a little bit.