Up Country Leafs + Add a leaf?


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Okay, haven't seen it covered. I have fresh leaf packs in my XJ (5000 mi's)
If i were to get a lift with an Add-a-leaf how does that work with the Up Country leaf as far as advertised lift goes?
Will it still provide the advertised lift or a little less? Up Country Leafs have more "free arch" than a factory or towing package leaf. So I'd actually assume since there is more arch in the spring the AAL would not be able to effect the pack as much and therefore not produce the advertised gains. I'm thinking though that an Up Country pack + an AAL and a stock height pack + an AAL would have the rear of the Jeep sitting about the same overall.


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I have done a lot of AAL on other makes and models with lift springs, and yes you are right with a aftermarket or lift springs you may not get the advertised amount of lift from an AAL.

Typically you wont get as much lift as you would with stock springs, but then again all leaf pack are different. You should how ever still gain some lift, I have never done an AAL and not gotten any lift from them.


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Cherokee UpCountry springs are +1" over stock. If you install an AAL you should get get the advertised lift plus the 1" from the UpCountry. Like any bastard pack build or AAL install, you actual mileage (lift) may vary, batteries not included.