Vibration/Syncro wear, fix for 3550


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I wasn't sure if this should be in OEM or here, but since only 2 years of the cherokee came with the 3550. I am posting here!

If you have added the Rubicon Model New Venture/Process 3550 in your jeep or have the last 2-3 yrs of the cherokee, I have recently tried and want to report my findings for a fix to the vibrations, and syncro wear that is related to this trans.

Most mechanics will tell you the rattle is "normal" as it is the throw-out bearing. But this is only partly true. The vibrations come from the trans and vibrate the TOB and cause it to rattle more than normal. But it was hard for me to stomach that the TOB was the problem at itle in neutral with the clutch out. There will be some rattle during engagement, that is of course going to happen, here is my post that I made on another forum:

Believe it or not there is a fix for this rattle!! Red Line oils offer a Manual Trans Liquid "MTL" That significantly reduces the vibrations, and rattle in the 3550. Even though Jeep says "use jeep only" this product works great. I have witnessed it myself. After talking to "New Process Gear," "New Venture Gear," and "Red Line" tech guys, there was no-basis for Jeep's claim to there product only, as long as " You stay within Manufacture's (NV) guidelines. MTL also reduces the syncro wear by %50.

This stuff is great! Now the only rattle is the .25 second engage/disengage "windup" of the throw-out bearing.:wave1:
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I have the NV3550 in my 88 xj and went through this issue about 3 years ago-I contacted NV and also searched TJ forums and now all I have used in mine is synthetic 5 W 20 Mobil 1 oil-I used royal purple synchro mech and developed a leak--it ate away the sealant!!!! So from then on I used the Mobil one and have no noise either-or any shifting isues or wear that I have noticed...........just my $.02


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Yea, the redline is completely synthetic also! Without synchro additive. Your right, the synchro additive or the sulfer add will eat the seals. Also, as strange as this sounds, the sulfer based "synchro fluids" will cause the sychro gears to wear faster.

Thats like non-lubricating oils, WTF???


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i hate those trans. i had the chevy version in my 1500. the nv3500, same thing just different bellhousing. the syncros took a crap and i couldnt start in 1st gear anymore