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Yea I am still wishing that I would have changed the camera from half to full size and turned the quality up a star or two when I did the videos. But then again that really eats up the card fast. I guess it's time for a second card. If anyone wants a copy of those I could e-mail it to you. I'm over my allotted size on my server, so I don't know how long I can keep them up. Maybe I should send them to Old-man and let him host them. Also wish I hadn't lost the one where Troy got a little wide-eyed on Cleveland Rock. But for some reason it won't play.



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Bloose said:
Sound for Yellaheeps video,

"Hey wait, the lines over here!" :doh:

Yeah Bob, right next to that pointy rock that tore off your valve stem..... :looser:

Yeah, that is a bummer! Got a little air time on that one! :eek:


Now Now dont give Bob a hard time. He was worried about that brand new steering. oh wait that didnt last long either.


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Tom "Old Man"
what's the latest on the videos? I can't wait to get my originals back that I gave you so I can show my buds back here in Minnesota. They all think I'm blowing smoke about a 6 foot waterfall climb!