Viscous fan blade shaft wobble?


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91' 4.0l xj

Is there a way to replace this?
When running the pulley that sits on this flange wobbles and in turn makes the viscous fan wobble like crazy. I pull another pulley off of another jeep at the junk yard and comparing the two, the pulley isn't bent. Which leads me to believe the shaft or flange is bent possibly. I've done a little searching but I haven't really found any currant fixes or ways to go about it.

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If this is like mine it's part of the ac bracket. You can remove the bracket and press the bearings out of it, or try to find a used bracket assembly. I managed to find a NOS on eBay, haven't seen one since.

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I remember a post on here where a guy replaced the bearing. He even included the part number. Do a search.

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FYI oem part # for the bracket assembly is MOPAR # 53006548

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Re: Fan bearing - replace?
The bearing in the cast aluminum A/C bracket can be replaced. If you have a hydralic bench press and the proper spacers you can easily press out the old
shaft and bearing. It seats up against a shoulder so be sure to press it out the back. You'll find that the shaft has a pressed on caged ball bearing
assembly and another roller bearing assembly (about an inch wide) that is
manufactured as a unit. Usually the shaft of the new unit is a little longer than the original and can be cut off to length. The bearing/shaft assembly is referred to as a "water pump shaft bearing" and if you have it with you when
you go into a mechanical power transmission /bearing supply they should be able to match it up. I have done this swap a few years ago but can't find the
receipt to give you the bearing part #. It cost about $45. Cdn.

As per my last note here.....i found the invoice from Motion Industries, Inc
and the shaft is a NSK brand "integral shaft bearing" #885586.
Motion Industries is a USA company and has a web site. I paid $31.00 cdn
in 2004 at the local branch.