Warn winches


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Anybody what could be causeing my M8000 Warn winch to click when the switch is engaged, but the spool is not turning either way?

Any help, and I'd be greatfull


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somethings broken would be my guess :dunno: ... just kidding... almost sounds like you have stripped a gear inside the motor... have you removed the cover and checked your inner workings?


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If you find yourself in a situation where your winch is clicking but it is not working, you may have a motor problem....or you may have a solenoid problem. The following procedure, from Warn, will help you determine the status of your winch motor.

1. Put the winch in freespool.

2. Disconnect the positive lead from the battery (leave the ground lead attached).

3. Label and disconnect the three cables that run from the control pack to the three posts on the motor.

4. Stamped next to the three posts on the motor will be "A", "F1" and "F2". Run a small jumper wire (5"-6" dead lead, 8 ga. will work just fine) from "A" to "F1" and put power from the battery (jumper cables work good) to "F2". The winch motor should run in one direction at this time.

5. Next, place the jumper wire from "A" to "F2" and put power from the battery to "F1". The winch motor should run in the opposite direction at this time.


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Does anybody have the next step in the procedure? My M8000 died, Warn sent me the above procedure, it passed. Now it's the weekend, and I'm dead in the water until Monday unless I can figure out how to check the solenoids.