WAZ run Nov 22nd Florence


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I am down, will be in the "milder" group.

please pm your phone # as i will be driving out Friday evening and want to meet up wherever you are camping at

rig consists of
89 xj 4.0 aw4, d30, 8.25, 31 inch tires, 5" lift short arm, winch, locked front and rear by then, providing lockers ship in time
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I cant think of enough trails to fill two days of mild. So Ill lead the mild group Sat and Steve will lead the medium group Sat. Sunday will be only the extra medium group.

For Sat Id like to run Elvis, Box canyon and if the group is holding up we could do Jackhandle, If your still doign good could continue on to Ajax then back to camp.


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I really want to join you guys, but I won't know until the last minute if I can.

My concerns are that I shredded a sidewall on my last trip so I don't currently have a spare, and I have to repair a leaky power steering hose. (Already have the parts, it's an easy fix, but need to find some time with no days off between now and then.)

Also, if I come, I will have to bring my 2yr old son who has never camped before but he has gone wheeling before. Not sure how he'll handle the whole experience, and I don't want to ruin anyone else's trip by bringing my boy.


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I think it's funny and awesome that Dave is going to lead the mild trails in his Ultra4 buggy lol...unless he uses His sons Comanche(pics if you do)


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^^ that is the plan.

I picture lots of waiting for dust to clear at every fork in the road.

Last trip we did the stupid stuff and didnt let joel drive any of it, hell probably drive the buggy most of this trip. Ill just be the guide.

We might do some of the special stuff Sunday if there is a strong group.