What do you have to get done before ROM?


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Finish the Deaver spring install
Finish the fender flares on the right side
Adjust my front control arms to improve caster and ride height (springs bowing currently)
Maybe add a spacer up front to match where the deavers end up

Taking off Friday to finish the Deaver project since I had to work this weekend.


RRC President
NAXJA Member
Get my front drive shaft rebuilt and installed
Figure out the leaking ABS pump/brake system upgrade
Clean the interior
Grease all door lock mechanisms


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
install new headlight harness relay
work on header panel/headlights
tinker with rear hatch mechanism. keep slipping off the lever
maybe get light bar installed.
hope my tires make it another run. holding off on new ones