What have you driven in your lifetime?


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I thought it would be cool to start a new thread and see what everyone has driven/owned since this is going on a little bit in the "Bar Fight" thread. I'm sure some of you have had some sweet or interesting rides.

Only four and two wheeled road going motor vehicles, I'm leaving out 4-wheelers, snowmobiles, boats and airplanes etc. Pics are welcome!

To keep the list short (for now) I'll only list ones that I actually had decent seat time in, not ones where my buddy let me rip around in something for an afternoon.

I'll get this rolling with family/personal and work vehicles.

In chronological order best as I can remember.

1980 GMC Jimmy
1974 Pontiac Grand Am
1990 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer
1996 International Chassis, Thomas Coach school bus
1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais
1996 Chevrolet Tahoe
2002 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
2005 Chevrolet Impala
1981 Yamaha Seca 750
2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer
2002 Dodge Dakota
1988, 1992 & 1995 Ford Ranger Base Models, all 2wd four banger w/manual (Work)
2001 & 2005 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor(s) (Work)
1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport
2007 Yamaha VMax 1200
1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst/Olds
2009 Pontiac G8 GT
2002 Ford F-350 Wildland Fire Truck (Type 6 Engine)
2005(?) GMC T8500 Topkick Fire Truck (Type 4 Engine, Heavy Unit w/ Tractor plow on trailer)
2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland
1998 Chevrolet Blazer

I think I got everything, there others I'm sure.

Post 'em up, lets see your interesting rides!


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We have been over this once.....

1) 48 Willy's CJ2A
2) 72 Ford LTD
3) 79 Monte Carlo
4) 78 Ram Charger
5) 80 GMC Step Side
6) 79 Chevelle
7) 84 CJ5
8) 86 CJ7
9) 84 K car wagon! <pos>
10) 91 VW fox
11) 88 GMC - gas <pos>
12) 92 Grand Am
13) 92 GMC
14) 88 GMC - diesel <bigger pos>
15) 88 XJ waggy
16) 91 XJ
17) 99 HD XL
18) 99 GMC sierra
19) 00 GMC Yukon
20) 01 XJ
21) 00 XJ
22) 97 Expedition
23) 04 F 350
24) 97 F 250
25) 06 Grand Cherokee
26) 00 F 250
27) 96 HD FL
28) 10 Focus
29) 02 F 250

Theses are just the ones that were titled and road worthy.
Some of them spouses drove mostly, but my name was on the title.

I forgot a motorcycle or two.


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We have? My mistake then, I did do a quick search to see if anything popped up.


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I havent driven anything really all that exciting but here what I can remember driving.

1. 01 XJ
2. 00 XJ
3. 00 XJ
4. 88 MJ
5. 01 Dodge Ram 2500 CTD
6. 99 TJ
7. 87 CJ-7
8. 95 YJ
9. 95 GC
10. 11 GC (5 different ones that my dad has gotten as a loaner)
11. 09 Infiniti G37s
12. 01 Volvo C70
13. 03 Toyota Sequoia
14. 01 Trailblazer
15. 07 FJ Cruiser
16. 99 Toyota Tacoma
17. 99 Dodge Neon
18. 01 Ford Ranger
19. 06 F250 Powerstroke
20. 04 Duramax
21. Various Kubota Tractors
22. 95 Chevy 1500
23. 92 F-150
24. 01 Tacoma
25. An old John Deere Orchard Tractor

The John Deere is probably probably the coolest thing I have ever driven, just because of its extremely short and narrow wheelbase (orchard tractors have to be able to fit in between the rows of trees obviously) and high torque output.

That’s the first 25, probably the most boring and bland list of vehicles ever driven, but not bad for being 20 I suppose. As for owning, I own the 01 XJ, 88 MJ, and 01 Dodge, (I kinda owned a 00 XJ as well lol)


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Correct time-line order;
*'51 Mercury suicide 4-door.
*'51 Plymouth Station Wagon.
*'56 Mercury 2-door.
*'57 Ford Sta. Wgn.
*'64 Ford Galaxy 2 door, XLT 500.
*'61 Porsche, 1600S, Convertible.
*'61 VW Transporter, dual-fuel.
*'61 VW 1300 beatle.
*'79 Cherokee, Model 17. Possible restoration.
*'84 Chev.p/u 6.2 diesel that died.
*'74 Buick Apollo 2 door.
*'2006 KIA Spectra 4 door.
*'89 XJ base 4 door.., and going for a modest lift.
(Oh, lol, a chainsaw engine on my mountain bike, 180mpg, Top speed 32 mph!)
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I'm just going to throw in the cool cars. Worked Valet for a few years, so no way I could list all of them.

Not mine-
1998 Z28- Car ran 10.4 on a 150 shot
2002 WRX with STI swap and 400awhp worth of goodies
1998 A4 1.8T Quattro w/chip, exhaust, intake, FMIC, and a few other toys

-1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Built 6 bolt engine, 4 bolt rear, 24psi out of a Hahn Super20G, and maxxed out 650 injectors. It'd blow all 4 tires off fairly easily, but would never run for more then a few days before being dead again
-2000 WS6- Was an M6 but converted to an A3 (STOUT TH350). Caged, Moser 9", tubular K and A-arms ,built 347 engine, big cam, good heads, on the gun (direct port, 200 shot), Bigs'n'lils
-1999 Z28- Moser 9", built GTO trans, stock engine, gutted, bigs'n'lils. Ran 11.7 fresh off the trailer. Had 11.0's in it but it was donated to the Miata gods
- 1999 C5 FRC- 4 point roll bar, Bilstiens, HKS sway bars, poly suspension bushings, 275/325 V710's, built 347, built MN12, aluminum torque tube isolator bushings, built rear end (shimmed clutch pack and hardened shafts)
- 1990 Mazda Miata-Kirk 6 point bar, Cobra seats, quick release wheel (needed to for me to fit in it) L33 engine, True LS6 heads, ASA cam, T56, 929 rear end with FD torsen, and enough suspension and chassis mods to fill this page up.

1999 Dodge 2500- Smarty Revo, Edge drag comp, RV275 sticks, South Bend Con O 13.25 clutch, built NV4500, Mechanical fuel pump, 19.5's, Ranch hand front bumper. Its fun having a 9000 pound truck beat up on 2v 4.6 GT's


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Mines short that I've owned

94 grand Prix gtp
93 Chevy 1/2 ton with a 383 strikers
01 xj
01 dodge ram
Currently have
02 bonneville
96 xj

Driven lots more of friends and family tho.


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1962 Ford PU
1967 Ford Mustang (bought it new)
1973 G10 Chevy Van
1967 VW Bug
1970 Lotus Europa
19?? Fiat Spider
19?? Corvair(s)
1980 Chevy Citation
1983 Buick Century
1986 Chevy Astro
19?? Datsun pickup
1985 Jeep Cherokee
2004 Chrysler Pacifica
1996 Ford Explorer
Various Cat's from D4's and up
John Deer tractors/bailers/mowers/rakes/plows
Back Hoes
Articulated loaders
School Buses
Various over the road rigs
More motorcycles than I can remember Honda/Kawasaki/Zundap/Ducati/Cotton/Husky/CZ/Maco


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At the age of 23 I have had way too many and stil have 5 in my possesion
I started out with an 87 S10 that I bought in 7th grade it is a reg cab shortbed, blown up 2.5 4sp, now its got a 350/350th and its still unfinished.
72 GMC shortbed stepside 4x4. Wrapped it around a telephone pole. The engines in the S10 now
92 Ranger 2.3. Drove it after I wrecked the 72
92 Ranger 4x4 2.9 auto. Red reg cab longbed. Rolled it on a gravel road. Probably my most missed vehicle.
92 Ford Tempo. Passed down from 3 sisters. ragged out.
91 2x4 Blazer 4.3 Still have it. Lawn orniment. For sale if anyone is interested
93 Suzuki Sidekick. I got rearended in it. Totalled it
Traded the kick and the 1600 in insurance money to my buddy for a 94 Ranger 4.0 5 spd. Still have it
91 2 Dr cherokee Still have
93 Grand Cherokee Got it for free. Needs tcase. Still have
64 4 Dr Nova Still have
85 Chevy C10 Scrapped it.

So Ive had 12 since I was in 7th grade.


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Mine in order of purchase since 15.
79 Chevy Blazer
84 Trans-am
90 XJ
91 Firebird
03 Ranger
96 XJ
99 XJ
Wife's 02 Neon
Still have the last five.

Decent seat time
79 Lemans
93 Aerostar
96 Izusu 30' box truck (6speed)
95 Izusu 30' box truck (auto)
96 Sebring


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66 Chevy Nova
68 VW Squareback
Yamaha RD-250
80 Honda XR 500
68 Volvo 122 Amazon
93 Ford Ranger
99 Jeep XJ Classic (Purchased new, still going strong)
03 Jeep TJ Rubicon (Purchased new, Wifes rig)

The Jeeps will stay around until they're toast, hopefuly get another 15-20
years out of them :D


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I have been in to many cars to remember them all since I am a service tech. Probably some of the nicest, most fun vehicles I have ever driven are:
2010 camaro ss
2011 gmc sierra 2500hd denali
2011 gmc yukon denali
2011 gmc acadia denali
Trans am ws6, 6spd, with hypertech programmer(unsure of year)
Z06 corvette
Yamaha r1, resprocketed( unsure of year)
Honda cbr600r (unsure of year)


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92 S-10 started out as a 4.3/700r4 and swapped in a carb 5.7/th400 (sold)
91 S-10 4x4 lifted 32" A/T (sold)
95 Legacy Wagon, Rally car/DD (sold)
98 Jeep Cherokee (current)

Fun ones I have driven
-70 camaro 383 twin t4/t3 hybrid turbos = 1000 hp (friend's car)
-99 dakota 408 Stroker (friend's truck)

Military Trucks I drove while on engineering Co-op out west
-CTV Tech demonstrator
transport mode-2" ground clearance

Cross Country Ride Height-18" (can go upto 24" for fording)

-Cougar 4x4 and 6x6 MRAP (with solid axle and with Oshkosh independant)
Article about some of the test work I did: http://defense-update.com/products/c/cougar_is_100409.html
-ASV (tested a 6" lift kit)

-AM General HMMWV humvee
-proto-type Jeep J8, yes before it was in all the magazines. Too bad I could talk about it at the time.
-there are some more proto-types that I still cannot talk about :)


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-proto-type Jeep J8, yes before it was in all the magazines. Too bad I could talk about it at the time.
-there are some more proto-types that I still cannot talk about :)
Aw come on spill the beans! Who are we gonna tell!? (just don't tell aaron!)


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I will keep it to personal street vehicles. My work has had me in more than I can recall.

47 Harley FL Knucklehead
53 Harley FL Panhead (Chopped)
55 Harley FL Panhead (Chopped)
66 Harley FL Shovel Restored Police Bike
76 Harley FXE Shovel
81 Harley FXWG Shovel
84 Harley FLH Shovel
96 Harley FXST Evo
05 Harley FLSTF Twin Cam
26 Packard Town Car
30 Ford Model A Pickup
39 Ford Coupe
38 Packard Two Door Sedan
39 Buick Coupe
41 Ford Pickup
48 Buick Roadmaster
53 Ford f-100 Pickup
54 Ford Two Door Sedan
55 Ford F-100 Pickup
56 Ford Victoria
67 Pontiac GTO
67 Jeep Commando
69 Mercury Cougar
67 GMC Custom Cab 4X4
67 Olds Toronado
72 Chevy Pickup
75 Jeep CJ
87 Camaro
88 Ford Bronco
96 Ford Explorer
97 Ford F-100
97 Isuzu Rodeo
98 Jeep XJ


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Listen, I drive a lot of vehicles. I work for a GM dealership and test drive everything...
The craziest vehicle I've driven is probably a 500+hp Z06 Corvette. So fun!


Gone but not forgotten...
being built.

Now THAT is a turbo!

I have owned:
84 Olds Cutlass Ciera
89 Honda Prelude
90 Eagle talon
88 Ford F-1POS
87 VW Jetta GLI(most missed car)
97 XJ
95 XJ
97 XJ
90 Tracker

A few TJ's
04 Cadillac CTS
06 Ram 2500 CTD(Dads rig)
01 Ram 1500
01 Ram 2500 CTD(belongs to some idiot I know :D)
05 Envoy
Several Honda's(all stock)
A couple ZJ's
A few WJ's
Toyota Tundra
64 Plymouth Valiant W/ Slant 6
a couple random trucks and i'm sure i'm forgetting something.