What I learned at WinterFest 2013


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1. This event is a blast every year!
2. Weight needs to be distributed properly in a trailer to avoid taking up 3 lanes on the interstate.
3. There are a lot of places in the Badlands I still haven't seen.
4. My screen name should be changed to 4-Low.
5. My Jeep still has limits.
6. Mud holes are good places to find rips in sidewalls :wow:
7. I can get people to follow me into stupid situations.
8. I know what I need to do to have John Popp open my door... :smootch:
9. Unloading the Jeep without the truck hooked up to the trailer makes for a fun experience.
10. Apparently my bad first batch of Hard Apple Cider apparently was rather good...
11. I will be back next year.


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That the trails will clearance rockers for you if you are stock.
A diesel liberty can get air born on the front wheels and the owner doesn't know it
Once I get a DD, I can't wait to lift it so I can have even more fun.

I can drive to Attica, wheel all day, fill up and still get 14mpg (on a sidenote, I got 17 mpg from Attica to Indy to TH on Friday)
On a half day of wheeling (Saturday), I can drive to Attica, wheel a few hours, drive home, drive around town and still get 16mpg.


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I learned if you try to show off leading the green group. Good chance you will get an award.
I am getting to old to be in the top five at the fire but not smart enough to care.
Tow rig and trailer is on the list / almost rolled on the same climb as Sean R did.

MWC is filled with great guys and gals......


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1. Tents don't open fast enough for someone to puke out of.
2. There is no such thing as too much alcohol (until you've had too much alcohol).
3. After my first bonfire this year, never again will I skip it.
4. Who knew a little heater could keep a tent so damn warm.
5. Friendships are made and existing ones are made stronger.
6. Every year I have a blast and when it's over, all I can think about is next years WF.
7. Buy more apple pie next year.
8. Jeeps can tow Fords home better than Fords can tow Jeeps.


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1.Don't leave for Attica at 11:30 pm when it's an 8 hour drive and expect to stay awake.
2.Spicer (factory) U-Joints will make lots of noise but take a beating over and over.
3.As Austin said, there are still many areas of the Badlands I haven't explored.
4.Don't donate a lot to the raffle unless you want to get boo'd by people who don't donate anything.
5.Winterfest is more fun when you don't hydrolock, bend a trackbar, or stab a hole in your oil pan. This way you can actually enjoy Winterfest rather than wrenching the whole time.
6.Wheeling a rental vehicle is a ton of fun, but plastic bumpers distort easily, especially when going down the badlands entrance hill.
7.People of the MWC are some of the best out there. Thanks all for a great event!


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1. MWC members have become more awesome in my 7 year hiatus from WF.
2. Door prizes rule
3. Door prizes may necessitate a new computer. <--- OK so this maybe after the fact...
4. That my taste in tequila can be a life-altering event for others.
5. You can still damage rocker-panels even with sliders.
6. Salad is a bad choice for a dish in the pot luck.
7. You can find religion in a cold shower. At least that is what I'm assuming from the stall over from mine. Someone kept calling out, 'Jesus, that's cold!'.
8. The Empire(tm) may be evil, but they drink good beer.
9. Despite 250,000 on the OD, the Jeep still has it.
10. Flame-retardants on furniture may not be working as advertised.


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1. after all these years, WF is still my favorite weekend of the year and ive yet to be let down.

2. there are people/members who will give, give and give some more and not ask for or expect anything in return.

3. even w/o a jeep WF is still an absolute blast.

4. after all these years, its still possible to make even more new friends.

5. woman can wheel w/ the best of them. especially jenny james. not that i doubted it, just wanted to give my girl a shout out.

6. i might run for political office one of these days.

7. if people at WF say someone is crazy, they are. no if, ands or buts


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1. Breaking 1.5 hours into the first day is not that fun, but it is better than being at work.

2. Riding shotgun with good friends is just as much if not more fun than wheeling.

3. MWC members will extend a hand to anyone for anything.

4. Vendor decals can and will be misused :D

5. Best weekend of the year, every year.

6. The BOD works hard to provide a quality event, and improves it each year.

7. JJ should run for President.


35s are better than 33s
there is one trail in the quarry that everyone will run.......after somebody tries it first
two words: Empire Offroad
the BOD do a great job


Gone but not forgotten...
I learned:
My Jeep will wheel great despite the noise I haven't tracked down yet
JJ loves Tacos
Dan Wheeler is wrapped around a baby's finger
Mac's kid is scared easily
When you tell Terrehautian to put his purse down he doesn't get stuck
Brennen is a NASCAR driver
Gene can fly
The Hen may actually hate me! :D
Les is awesome(wait, I already knew that)
BMFL is even funnier than I once thought.
Fullsize Jeeps can fly

Big Hank

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  1. Winterfest attendees are the finest people around.
  2. I don't know Rev's age but the man has guts to climb in a Barbie Jeep.
  3. The first 30 feet down a hill in a barbie Jeep feels like an F-22 Raptor during takeoff. (just guessing)
  4. Before WF my home thermostat was on 67... After WF it feels like an inferno on 65.
  5. Open/Open XJ wheeling is super gratifying each time I do it.
  6. Next year I will get more sleep the week leading to WF, this year I used it to get caught up on rest. That won't happen again.
  7. Next year I will be at WF on Thursday Morning.
  8. Thanks to Dan I have had to explain a lot about sheep and she still thinks I'm not telling her everything.
  9. Rev's Susie knows who Tamber is...
  10. Milk and Oreo's is like Kryptonite to Four Wheeler around 3am.
  11. BMFL - You're a darn good man good man. Much deserved award for your actions.
  12. Barbie Jeeps have to be there every year - NO MATTER WHAT
  13. Flex knows his way around the Badlands and doesn't let anything hold him back. I knew this but felt like repeating it.


Gone but not forgotten...
  1. Flex knows his way around the Badlands and doesn't let anything hold him back. I knew this but felt like repeating it.
:dunno: guess I've wheeled there enough to run green in my sleep! I was winging it on green, white is pretty self explanatory! I could hear Mary cussing me as we went down that last hill on green!


Gone but not forgotten...
Also learned:
Me+Empire offroad+Kman=hilariously offensive conversation.
OKB, Sam, the ninja and Chachi are fun to wheel with
Brad can change a brake line at 6am the first day of WF and get there on time
Jim has more stories about the military than everyone else combined at WF
Collin will rip on his rental without a second thought
Silas can smash an oilpan and proceed to unsmash it and keep wheeling
two sleeping bags and long johns are a must for winter camping
I need to run my shocks through the floor
Jack can hang in his little XJ
Lockers are more useful when they work right
8.8's are more awesome than advertised
Regearing is the first upgrade on my next build


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1. The EOR crew is now some of my favorite drinking buddies

2. Flex needs a new bank card.

3. My jeep amazed me.

4. Only listen to Wheeler once, not twice.

5. I need to replace my short side shaft back to a chromo. After seeing Justin beat his identical setup so hard.

6. I'm bringing my wife, son, and her xj next year.

7. Sleeping in the back of my truck isn't bad until 6 a.m. when my hamstring cramps and I have to get my boots on to jump outside and stand up.

8. The people of the MWC are even better in person.

9. JJ should run for president.


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JJ is entertaining in the back seat.

Jennie loves the skinny pedal.

Wieners will make you laugh all weekend.

I love the MWC.


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-You can feel like a rookie on a trail you've done before if the guy behind you just walks right over it.

- the hen will cuss like a trucker over the CB at Aaron.

-don't let off the gas...

-Kman will believe one of the most ridiculous story's.

-hub assys differ.

-bush light in Attica cost more, and yes a guy who brews his own will drink that.

-when she asked for the D i gave her diabetus.


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1. Green is harder than i thought

2. Orange is easier than i thought (what i saw anyway)

3. KMan was right about number 2.

4. Despite being so laid back Flex Made a GREAT leader

5. John and Tara really know how to party ( all of MWC pretty much Does)

6. Having wieners visit my campsite is a good thing and worth a smile

7. if you are near East Stl. Don't stop unless necessary (I already knew this)

8. Dont Stand up people too drunk to walk ( Im looking at you Dan )

9. Collin Is great fun to wheel with

10. MWC can make an entire enchilada casserole disappear almost instantly

11. Lockers are worth every penny

12.Rooftop tents are only good if you are sober enough to climb a ladder

13. Brent and Molly make turkey to Die for

14. Chachi seems to think terahautian sounds like pterodactyl

15. Tyson and Samrai make good drunk wrestling opponents

16. Robbies Is Like GOLD after a weekend of wheeling in the cold.

17. I was right about making this a yearly family trip , It couldnt be more worth it !

18. I am Lucky to be in MWC !!

19. I am good at making Long lists
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you can drink way to much on Friday to enjoy Saturday.

you can leave your camp site completely open to the world and people either don't mess with it or think you are still there.

Aaron is a good driver

you can drink way to much on Friday to enjoy Saturday.

being a passenger is cool

if you have a ride planned, it may not be there if that ride has a led foot

good people will immediately find you another ride(didn't even have to ask)

you can drink way to much on Friday to enjoy Saturday.

wf is bad ass even without a jeep to wheel

you can drink way to much on Friday to enjoy Saturday.

SAM'drank way to much friday'SET


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what I learned....you can have 20# of cheese and about 35# of frozen bacon and sausage if you cant make winterfest.....and receive a few entertaining calls from the fire.

Cheese "sometimes life throws you curve balls, and 480,000 pounds of walking hamburger" Man