What ya gotta get done before WF?


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Giving up on little jeep til after Wf. The wife is gonna go to her sisters for the weekend.

I have to get my extinguisher mounted, battery tray put in, and run it down the road a few times and then check trans fluid. Load it up Tuesday night, pack Wednesday, leave Thursday a.m.


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Frt & Rr Diff Fluid Changes DONE
Install New Frt Axles Seals DONE
Install Frt SOLID Diff CoverDONE
Tcase Fluid Change DONE
Tcase Planetary and Chain swap from Chevy 231 Not Now
Install TnT 8.8 Truss Not Now
Bed-line Rear Wheel WellsDONE
Patch Holes where I just Cut the Rear Lower Quarters Off DONE
Modify Rear Bumper to Include Wrap-a-round Guards If I get my Big Welder Working Before WF
Fix Passenger side Tail-light HarnessDONE
Bed-Line entire Floor Pan Drivers Area Only
Install WJ Seat(s) Seats Bad, being returned
Find Spare Parts (Axle shafts, Frt Drive shaft, etc)
Find Full-size Spare Tire DONE
Route New Coax for CB Need to Do
Mount CBNeed to Do
Mount Drivers SeatNeed to Do
Figure Out Storage/Mounts for Fire Extinguisher(s), straps, etcNeed to Do
Buy Tow StrapNeed to Do

Tow Rig:
Oil ChangeDONE
Fuel FilterDONE
Air FilterDONE
SparkplugsNot Now
Find P.S. Leak & Fix Not Now

Find Trailer & Secure Use for trip DONE
Fix Light fixture
Replace Burned out Brake light
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Put CB back in
Put spare back in (took it out to air up and move stuff from my Grandma apartment)
Get a tote and put first aid kid, tire change stuff, etc in it
Fill up Friday morning and when Sarah gets here, head north.


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My list:
tighten rear shock mounting bolts.

Well so far the local shop can't figure out what's going on with my brakes either. Ill be really bummed if I can't bring the XJ.
are you driving or trailering?
I have vacuum bleeder, there's a napa in town. This ain't my first rodeo bleeding hydraulics in the campground. The MJ showed up with no brakes on a trailer 3 years ago and went wheeling the next day.


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revised list of doom:
- Tow vehicle capable of getting there and maybe back if I'm lucky. -DONE

- Steering upgrade -DONE

- Stiffeners welded in - DONE

- New belt - DONE

- Install starter - DONE

- trans pan gasket - DONE

- pinion seal on 8.25 -DONE

- oil change -DONE

- spark plugs - DONE

- gear box - not doing

- oil pressure sender - DONE

- axle shaft u-joint - DONE

- front ds u-joint

- modify tcase skid

- mount passenger seat

- alignment

- paint lower half of jeep - DONE

- misc crap not worth mentioning


- mount two new trailer tires

- repack trailer bearings

tow vehicle:

- glow plugs

- alternator - DONE

- steering column - DONE

- window regulator


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Finished rear shock hoop and u bolt eliminator plates and cut yukon shafts to length tonight. I still have a ton to do.

shorten drive shaft
install front calipers
bleed brakes all around

install yukons
diff covers and fluid.
limit straps

Still seems like a lot for 2 evenings


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The locker is 1hr 30min from here... Thats a lot of gass I'd rather use on driving down to Attica...

99SJ 'Guess I'm going to E.C. tonight' Ex
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Brakes are fixed! $430 later. The culprit was a bad booster. I may replace the alternator too, which has a bad diode and draining my battery.


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Still have way too much left to do before this Winterfest to make it. And even if I worked around the clock to finish it up my wheels and tires have not even shipped yet. Looks like I'll be looking for a passenger seat this year.


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I might be pulling an all nighter tonight to get this done and it will still be anyone's guess if everything works out when i get there. Hate not to be able to do a shake down first.

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Waiting for morning to load the jeep. I've got the Tahoe, trailer and jeep in the garage keeping the mass of the snow off.

Should be on the road by 9am.