What's Left On Your Rig?


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What's left to button up on your rig? Me? That would be just about everything. Axle swap, suspension pieces, SYE, armor, tires/wheels, full interior swap. Should be on 35's by July.



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Well, hopefully I should be pretty done with things once I leave for EJS here in a couple weeks :laugh:

From there it's the upcoming DD XJ:

- Regear, fab up, install 8.8
- Regear, fab up, install new D30 w/ WJ steering
- Install Gas Tank Skid
- Remove and go through front BDS suspension
- New shocks all around
- Install Boostwerks Hidden Winch mount
- Fab / Install Dirtbound DIY F&R bumbers
- Fix broken brake lines
- Sound deaden and reinstall interior

So, yeah pretty much completely build a rig :laugh:

There's a bit left off there, but that's quick summary.

Luckily stuff like that takes FAR less time than it does working on the buggy.

I'll be there with the buggy, and Nikki might come out with the DD XJ depending if it's done, and if she decided to come out :laugh:


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Always room for improvement...but my Jeep is functioning well enough as is.

I do need some 33" tires that are not sun rotted.
I have been looking at buying a beefy steering box brace that has a bearing around the sector shaft.

If I come into a ton of money and free time before July I might get rid of the 10 year old RE short arm lift and my leaky shocks and go long arm.


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Don't even get me started on my list.
-rebuild locker in 8.8
-bolt in 8.8, came out from under another xj, and was geared at 4.88
-find and fab a 44
-gear the elusive 44
-pull sliders off, weld landing pad to frame, reweld
-rewire my master battery kill, install push button start because my dumb self lost my key eating supper last night
-find a set of 4.5 inch springs for the front, and a set of bumpstops that give me about 2 inches of uptravel
-stretch the rear, this entails a comp cut, fuel cell install plus some rust repair
-find some 37s I like
-relocate rear shocks into the cab
-4 link rear
-fab a 3 link crewmember for the front
-repaint cause the all black thing is getting old
-fab some half doors.
The list goes on, and more will be added as I remember it lol


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The biggest thing left on my rig is getting it back from my daughter. She is using it while I get the honor of swapping a 6 speed transmission in an AWD 2011 Equinox.

I have a ton of parts to put on, but that will only take about a day for most of it. I also have a disc brake setup ready. I just need to fab the brackets.


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Well, my list got enlarged a little bit:
- Re-install fixed flange on D300 and new output seal
- Install new stud flange and centering kit on rear DS
- Install rear DS
- Build new frame side upper control arm mount
- Replace front pinion seal
- Give a good over to make sure nothing else is broken and stuff still works :laugh:

Hopefully I'll still make it!


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I switched to a completely different rig!

  • Order shorter shocks
  • Wait for custom tie rod to show (2-3 weeks)
  • Trim fenders and mount flares
  • Replace leaky power steering hose
  • Bleed brakes
  • Put fluid in things
  • Purchase and mount rock rails
  • Make new front bumper mounts and mount bumper