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Nothing new. Just tons of wheeling! Ripped another rear axle housing so thought it was time for an upgrade.

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I went a did a thing, picked up 2 non running diesel project trucks on the cheap.

Had to pay to get them both towed to my place but with what I have into them it was worth it.

The plan is to sell one and keep the other as a tow pig.
lots of late nights with many adult words being said tracking down the electrical issues in one

But finally got all of the hack job wiring that was keeping it from running out.

Since then its been a great truck!

Other then that life is the same.
Work, then work on the house, sleep. repeat.


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I spent like seven months replacing a rear main seal and unit bearing, and two hundred miles later the outside tie rod end seems to be shot and wobbly.

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We are going to keep the rubi stock is the plan... until its paid off. Sold red wj and selling the black wj.

Wagoneer will be getting alot more attention and if anyone has a 4:1 for sale from a TJ let me know i want to stick one in the wagoneer

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Something new.. I just reNEWd my membership for another 2 years and got my official card and stickers! Sorry for the bad pun there, I couldn’t help it..