What's the best starter?


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My 96 has started to drag a bit when starting.
Just bought a new battery, and the cables are
tight with clean terminals. I think I'll just replace
the starter instead of changing brushes.

There are several brands available, including
Bosch. Is Bosch the best?

Thanks in advance.


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I used a brand new Napa starter on my '00 when it started acting up a little. Guessing been about 3 years now and all is well so far. Figure with a lifetime warranty and the fact that a starter is a 10 minute job seemed the way to go. Was a little pricey though.

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Looked up what I believe to be the starter for your '96.


So much cheaper then mine was. Mine is for '99 and up. You would think they would be the same part #. They ask so many more questions when looking up yours. Went with a 4.0, 4Dr, Sport on the model, and S Code in the vin.

Good Luck.
The solenoid terminal connection is different. Early ones can be used if you cut and splice a ring terminal.


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Certainly Bosch is a quality product - but whether it's worth the extra $$'s must be your decision.

As far as I know, year for year, they are all the same - except (as JW suggests) the solenoid connection. Certainly when the one on my '99 failed I fitted the one from my '96 parts car _ I've since changed that for another of uncertain vintage.