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For those that are planning to attend this years event (yes I always make plans very early); when do you plan to arrive and where are you staying ??

My plans are to arrive Sept 30 and leave 7 Oct. I will be staying at the Slick Rock Campground in Cabin 7.




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I'll probably get there early Thursday morning (3:00am). I'm sure I'll stay in William's Bottom on Potash Road. It's cheap, close to town, and quiet.

Rod Knee

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I am hoping to come this year but I don't know if I can pull off two big wheeling trips this calender year and I'm already committed to a week in the Black Hills. But I would love to do Elephant Hill with you guys again like we did in "10. If I make it I'll stay at slickrock but probably not in a cabin again because I have a dog now. I would kennel the dog at Moab Vet anytime we would go to a Nat'l Park.

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I will definitely be there! I will have the new XJ done by then. I too, would love to do Elephant Hill again-it was awesome!!!!


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Starting my Trek early tomorrow morning by way of Costa Mesa and Las Vegas.... party1:
Should be arriving in Moab on Sunday.
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I will be there Thursday afternoon. Staying at the motel 6. Hope they leave the light on for me. I do hope to run fins on thurs. a couple of trails fri. And something in the morning on sat. I have to leave sat. Afternoon.