where you coming from?


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I live in greensburg and was wondering if anyone from around the area was heading up thursday night of Friday morning? Would like to meet up with someone to "convoy" up.


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I'll probably head to Brad's house Wednesday night because i'm guessing we'll have some last minute details to wrap up on his rig.

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Thursday night.. Probably 9pm rolling out of Columbus, IN and taking the slower scenic route over to Spencer, then north to the interstate.

Extra 20 minutes and I don't have to run the rig at 70+mph for nearly as long, priceless.


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I am rolling out of Preston Farms, MO (where I am the Mayor, Judge and Sheriff.....and town drunk) somewhere around 7:00AM on Wednesday morning and will get there sometime late Wednesday afternoon. That is unless I get caught up at a good "club" in Springfield....:D


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leaving central Ohio weds afternoon.

no one wants to convoy with the wienerbox though.

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BOB brought up an excellent point in another thread. If you arrive Wednesday or Thursday before the Badlands office closes, go ahead and purchase your wheeling pass. This will save time waiting in their line on Friday morning and make our registration faster.

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Leaving Central Michigan Wed morning sometime, shooting down 69 into the Fort to meet up with Mac, then onward to the campground.

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leaving out of berwyn, taking 41 straight to attica. not sure if i'm leaving thursday after work or sometime friday once i wake up.


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:clap:Getting the heck out of the land of the yuppies. ( Libertyville Il) Thursday morning heading right down 41 to Attica.

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