Who is going?


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My brother Alan, Mike R. and I will be there.
We are staying in the campground across from the Moab Brewery and should be arriving around October 3rd.

See you there !!!!!


Got Shafted
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I'll be there in spirit.

FYI there are a few people that don't post on the net that always go. Last years turnout seemed like a fluke compared to the previous years.


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It sure will be good to see you guys again. We'll be there 2nd to 11th, Canyonlands spot 41, mine & Denny's usual BD BBQ will be Tues the 6th. All welcome.


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In years past the place to stay was Slick Rock Campground, but lately Canyonland Campground across from the Moab Brewery has become more popular.
There are lots of places to stay including camping out locally.