Who knows alot about AW4's?


I broke the little stub off the side of the manual valve rod. Its the little thing that the NSS is attached to on one side and on the other the shift linkage. The shift linkage side threads all sheared off. I have an extra transmission but I cant figure out how to get it off.

I pulled the valve body off and you have to remove the rod that engages the parking pawl but there still is a big thing in the middle of the rod and I dont know how it comes off. Its the lever that the parking pawl rod is attached to. It almost looks permanent but then it wouldn't be possible to remove the rod. How does the rod come out properly?


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Okay so I just looked at my AW-4 manual. It says there is a spacer sleeve that you have to cut off with a chisel. Than it says you have to remove a pin with a punch. Than it should come out. I left this part in there when I rebuilt the trans, so I have no experience with this, but I'm concerned about the sleeve, where will you get another one? Hope this helps some.