Whole front end. HP D30, RK 3-link, Fox 2x12


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Selling the whole front end. Minus steering. Rock Krawler 3 link. Rustys 8.5 coils. Fox 2x12 with resi, HP D30 trussed gussetted C's, 4.56 gears, drilled slotted rotors, custom TBar. American Rebel Aluminum diff cover. In lake forest. Shoot me an offer.

Robert @ RWKHaus did the gear install with a new carrier, gears, and bearings. When I did the build I used new Ball Joints, New hubs/bearings, and shock mounts. Have an extra set of ball joints, stock knuckles, G2 D30 install kit, and JKS shock adapters that go with it as well. Would like to sell it as a lot, but hey..... money talks.

This is when it was all new. It has some chipped paint and crap, but mechanically is great. I'll clean everything up for the buyer.


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How much for the shocks? Valving? Are they eye-eye or post-eye?
mmmm...Maybe $150 for the pair? Got some scratches, but were rebuilt with new seals and Fox Red shock oil. Not sure on the valving. I didn't change it from factory, but they work great on the front of my Cherokee with the Rustys 8.5" coils. And they're eye-eye.

No locker. Just the new carrier, bearings, and gears.

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