Who's coming from the greatest distance?


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I'm not sure but I think it's between 700 - 800 miles for me :shocked: . But it will be worth it to be in the beautiful Rockies once again :D :thumbup: :D


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Although not driving - my folks are travelling from South Africa to join me on this event. Long enough?

and while I won't be coming from out of CO my itineray for the trip looks like
Ft Collins to Pikes Peak Speedway to Ft Collins - Sunday - just short of 400 miles
Ft Collins to Second Creek Raceway to Ft Collins - monday - 200 miles
Ft Collins to Ouray - Tuesday probably about 400 to 450 miles. So in three days I'll tow almost 1000 miles.

no big deal.

Our furthest attendee was going to be Mike R but I think it will now be Bloose and family.


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What about Mike Ginonne? Is he still planning to come? He's further than us, but we still have a pretty good trip. CO is a short trip compared to UT, so it's no big deal.


Mike in NJ

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Looks like the distance derby belongs to you this time, buddy.

Work situation forced me to cancel this trip, which really frosted me a "bit". First time in seven years I won't have a Western trip. And I was really, really looking forward to getting back to SW CO and driving with you guys.

.... original plan would have had me somewhere in Indiana right about now, instead of earning grocery money. Really sucks being adult about this!!!

Hope everybody has a great run.

Mike in NJ :patriot:


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umm....if i could make it (doubtful) i think i'd be takin the cake on that....over 3k miles:) unless you are talking contintental us