who's coming?


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Yeah it does..but maybe we'll be suprised.
Up to you guys..Potluck on Fri and Sat. but meeting will be Sat. Night...

If we potluck on Sat what do we want to have???

Lee 94XJ

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Well, it looks like everyone around here is gonna be trick-or-treating on Saturday night instead of Sunday night. So, I may only be able to wheel on Friday.

So, what's the schedule for Friday? Is there gonna be a day run and a night run? I'm up for both. I can come out Thurs night and leave Sat morning. At least I'm only a couple of hours away. :)

Mark WNC

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Looks like I'm going to make it after all.
I found out today that I will be off this weekend.
So I thought I might come out early fri. morn.
I guess I'll see you then.


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I'm still gonna try to be there sans Jeep, just gotta make sure I got a baby sitter. I don't go to Tellico to drive anyway!! So sumbuddy give up a seat...
K? I promise I won't :passgas: too much!


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What is the schedule for saturday?
I wont have a jeep, but may be able to make it for the meeting, and posibly some right side wheeling


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we will try and leave camp about 8:30am be at pay station about 9am and in the woods ASAP. Meeting will be after we eat about 7:30pm or so