Why won't my speedometer work?


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When I rebuilt my transfer case, I don't think I had the gear lined up right. I forced the speed sensor in. It worked for a bit, then stopped. I pulled the speed sensor out, and I had mucked up the lower housing that holds the gear. So, I grabbed one at U-Pull.

Everything looks fine now. The sensor has power. I've tried both the original and the one I picked up. The gear is fine and meshing well. I don't think it is the speedo itself, as no speed registers via the OBDII interface either.

Are both my sensors dead? The new ones have different pins, so it is not only $30, but I'd have to cut and reconnect those already short wires.



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Chapter BOD
you have to clock the sensor correctly, there are 3-4 positions available, if you clean the sensor housing really well, it tells you which position to use base don the size of the gear.