Workshop day at Stumps. February 9th.


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Just throwing this out there in an official thread, as the other thread wasnt very obvious.

On Saturday February 9th, I am doing a bit of a wrench fest at my shop. I have an SYE to install on my Daily Driver, and there was another SYE and maybe a couple Hack and Taps that needed to be installed. I will be out in the shop from 7am, until whenever that night. The way I see it is potentially two SYE installs, and two hack and taps, assuming everyone needing to do the work can show up on that day. We should easily be able to get it all done. Itll be first come first served. We will probably take up some cash and order some pizza around lunchtime, and will probably have some other snacks and stuff too.

My shop is small, but well equipped. I also have very limited driveway space, but plenty of street parking. If you need to get you Jeep (or whatever really) up on the lift for a smallish job, now is your chance.

I also have a front locker and Magnaflow muffler to install in my DD if we run out of work to do, but it can wait to get others stuff done. Come out, lend a hand, work on your own junk, eat food, drink whatever you feel comfortable with, or just watch and learn.

Post up if you are coming, and what - if anything - you have to work on. Feel free to get a food and beverage list going too. Crockpot queso dip is usually a huge hit for wrench fests... as an example.

I will be drinking a few beers, but I live here. You can do the same, but be mindful of driving afterwards.



Work needing to be performed:
SYE (possible locker and muffler)

Thanks, Stump


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I'm in and will probably ride down with Mark. Nothing to do but watch and assist.

I will see what I can conjure up in a crock pot.....I'll save the queso for Dawn and Latney.


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Man.... thats a five hour drive but would be a blast!


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Ok, in that case I think I can work something out.

I have a full SYE to install. I will try to nail down a time later this week. Ill only be able to stay for a few hours so Ill try to get there really early.

Oh, and speaking of, where exactly are we going? You forgot an address


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I'm in, just planning on bringing down my heep. Maybe get the hack-n-tack done, anything else bolted on or welded up a bonus.
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The address is:

2785 Arborcrest Drive
Decatur, GA 30033

cell- 404-661-7025

mbarker9, the SYE should take around 1.5-2 hours. Let me know when you can get here and I will try to leave the slot open for you.

Sparetire, Hack and Tap should be no problem, bring it on.

Ed & Mark, glad you guys are coming!

~ Stump


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Do you have time to whip up a rear bumper/spare tire carrier?? hehe
I was thinking about that as well.

We need a production line of spare tire carrier bumpers.

Surely, we'd have enough time to pull the one off of your red Jeep and get it installed on mine?


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Josh (Revmaynard) has said he wanted to cook up some hotdogs and or hamburgers on my grill, instead of ordering pizza. Im all for it, we should just chip in a few bucks for the goods.

Havent gotten a lot of response, but ill be out there for sure. Ive got LOTS that needs to be done.


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*sigh* Currently stuck at work, Tax office appointment at 2 and Inlaws house this afternoon. yay me.

Stump, what'd ya think about that bumper?