WTB Flares (Cheap)


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Only driven the Jeep for 2 days and already got stopped by the man. Wanted to see if anyone had a line on some rear TJ flares(looking to do rears on all corners) Need something on the cheap. Posted up here but figured I'd ask you guys as well.


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i know youre looking for rears but i have a pair of front tj flares if you change your mind


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i have some XJ rears free if you want to hack em up and paint em. you'll need to figure out mounting as the retainers broke when i took em off, but some u-nuts hold them on fine.

oh and they are early body style.


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This was up in WA I'm assuming? It's funny because my Cousin got hassled shortly after moving up to Oregon as well once he moved from CA. I suppose this is what keeps Bushwacker in business huh?