WTB & Sell/ Trade, Stuff to lift my XJ again


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NAXJA Member
So figure I'm gonna be at about 4" of lift.


Leafs springs (Consider AAL on my upcountry's since they only have 10k miles on them)
Possible d-shafts? (will a stock one with SYE work?)
33" tires, 15" or 16" rim
Needs rims if 16" tires are found
Front Control Arms

Can Sell: Pending I find the stuff I need

Up-country springs (F/R)
Tomken 1" Shackles
30" MT/R's good tread (12,000 miles on them)
Factory steel wheels
Factory alloy Grizzly wheels
242 t-case
Front D-30, 3.55:1's, open
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I'll be installing new leaf packs before Winterfest, My current bastard packs have Rough Country 3in AALs in them...
I also have a front D.S. that didn't work for my S.Y.E. (2in too short) but might work for you, however, its in pieces (no u-joints)

Let me know...