XJ battery fitment...


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The battery in my 1996 XJ is pretty old (6 years or so... I think), and I was looking at batteries online, and noted that the size of the batteries changed for 1998, and the CCA rating went from 610CCA to 700CCA. Hmmm...

1993 - 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport Battery, Group Size 58, 610 CCA

1998 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee Battery, Group Size 34, 700 CCA

some further online searching found...

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You can fit the group 34 battery in a 93-97. just gotta do a little trimming on the battery tray.


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They changed the upper rad hose around that year too, I'd assume so they could fit a bit bigger battery in there. Do a google image search and you'll see the difference.