xj width ford 9" and xj coils


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i have a xj width ford 9" 28 spline 3:50 gears, open ,centered pinon.. so no drive shaft mods needed.. set up with 8.8 disc brake backing plates, jeep bolt pattern 5 on 4 1/2" needs rotors and calipers pics avl. asking 600$ spring perchs are not on, could be used for other jeeps such as a yj , tj , zj or mj

also a set of r.e. 4.5" coils used.. (proby 3-3.5" lift now) ...with matching front shocks (desotech) from r.e. super flex lift kit.. asking 100$
pics avl also

would prefer some one local / semi local, for 9" rear.. it weighs a lot.. not shiped easly...as for the coils.. if buyer is willing to pay for shipping. that's fine..
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